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ARTICULATE: Stephanie Conway & Dexter Dymoke

Open:1 April to 9 April 2017

Private View: Friday 31st March, 6.30-9pm.



For its sixth exhibition CONVOY revisits the loose programme of ‘sculptor and painter’ two handers. In the quest for coherent exhibition making, sculpture and painting often seem uneasy bedfellows - the cycle of inventive solutions to this quandary continues. Currently it seems that narrative is the referee, often barely able to contain the flow of irony and curdled cultural commentary, and invariably sailing close to the didactic wind. In the heady days of self referential art when the Modernist heavyweights polished their noble arguments, reinventing themselves with iconoclastic glee, Donald Judd would announce that ‘... half or more of the best new work in the last few years has been neither painting nor sculpture’. The fierce debate about what constitutes ‘painting’ and what constitutes ‘sculpture’ and what could possibly bridge the chasm between the two was fuelled by an idealistic vision of new possibilities. Currently, picking up the threads of these arguments seems tricky but in the interests of the integration of painterly and sculptural elements within a show per se, Stephanie Conway and Dexter Dymoke seek common ground through overlaps in process, an acknowledgement of the building blocks of their work, and raw presentation.

The title ‘Articulate’ hints at language and adjustment, and the dilemmas of selection buried within making. It honours the journey as much as the arrival. Stephanie Conway`s two and three-dimensional work ‘operate primarily in a discursive and exploratory painting arena’ where ‘painting`s edge, both physically and conceptually, is deemed provisional’. Her approach, whilst acknowledging painting`s rich historic canon, nevertheless deploys a ‘provisional’ sensibility within a ‘fluid and porous space’. Dexter Dymoke`s work currently pays heed to the simple structural elements and patterns within material, making something of its intrinsic language. In doing so he challenges the arrival at objecthood and is happy to stray into the painter`s exploratory zone.


Stephanie Conway lives and works in London, UK.

Selected exhibitions: Room 101, Harts Lane, London (2017); The Secrets of No 36, London, (2016); Decoy, The Anti-Gallery Gallery Show, London (2015); LAUNCHPAD//ANTIBODIES, Clusterbomb Collective, London (2015); Discover the New. Discover the Now, The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, London (2014); The London Group Centenary Open, The Cello Factory, London (2013); Ch Ch Ch Changes, The Griffin Gallery, London (2013); COE'12, Claremorris, Co. Mayo, Ireland (2012); Time, Time, Time, Terrace Annual, London (2009); The Open West, Pittsville Gallery, University of Gloucestershire, Cheltenham, UK (2009); Anger Management, Alsop's Project Space, Battersea, London (2009).


Dexter Dymoke lives and works in London, UK.

Selected exhibitions : A Threshold, APT, London (2016); Twentieth, APT, London (2015); Drawing into Sculpture, Griffin Gallery, London (2014); Fabric, Collyer Bristow, London (2014);  A Rain of Stars (solo), Nettie Horn, London (2013);  Creekside Open (selected by Phyllida Barlow), APT Gallery, London (2011); Proteo, Nettie Horn, London (2011); Rapidform Sculpture, Sackler Centre, V&A museum, London (2010); 'Bench', Friends of Battersea Park Annual Sculpture Award, BatterseaPark, London (2010); RCA Group show, Weissensee Kunsthochschule, Berlin (2009); Creekside Open, (selected by Jenni Lomax), APT Gallery, Deptford, London (2009).